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S. V. Krishna Reddy
S. V. Krishna Reddy

S.V. Krishna Reddy hailing from Konkuduru village in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, S V Krishna Reddy moved to chennai after his post graduation in Bheemavaram, to become an actor. He has been a movie buff from a very young age and watching his brother, Stage artist Satti Tata Reddy perform on the stage. He too wanted to put on the grease paint.
His spontaneity and sense of humor are extremely endearing. He believes in looking for positive aspects in life even in a negative situation. It's probably this gift that has made him face the odds and evens with great equanimity. Not one to rejoice at hits and get depressed over downs, S V Krishna Reddy is amazingly balanced during success and failure (though failure couldn't creep in yet).
S V Krishna Reddy is known for being a multifaceted person. However, first and foremost, he is a great human being by himself - sensitive and down to earth. Probably that's what sets him apart. And that's what makes him such a successful director. He has moved human beings emotionally one way or the other through his closer to life films. There's nothing larger than life about this man. But his odd little tricks of manner and his refusal to do the simplest things in ordinary way are essential features of his methods, which thus far has defined successful imitation.
It is difficult to encounter a single Telugu filmgoer who is indifferent to S V Krishna Reddy's genre of films. His banner 'Manisha' churns out top class films, and the screen characters he directs touch the psyches of people everywhere, from the most cosmopolitan cities to the remotest places in Andhra. Some people attract audiences like a picnic attracts ants. S V Krishna Reddy is one of these magnets. If S V Krishna Reddy ever writes his autobiography, it will certainly be a best seller.

S.V. Krishna Reddy without doubt has been a successful and an influential director since a decade. His contribution to the Telugu Film Industry (Tollywood) is a landmark; to his credits he adds 38 films till date (2008) which were not only sensational at box office, but also his name was carved in the annals of the film industry.
S V Krishna Reddy probably the only director who has never worked under any other director, with his spontaneity and an enduring sense of humor he captures the hearts of the crowd, though popular his down to earth attitude and humility sets himself apart from others, thus making a mark of his own.
He is not only a Director but also a Storywriter, a Screenplay writer, Producer and a Music Director all rolled in one thus crowning himself one of the most Versatile performers of our times. On asking, if his ultimate aim was to become a Number One Director, he says, "On the contrary I want my films to be number one". And undoubtedly they are. He has directed only a few films and many of them are super hits. They include Rajendrudu Gajendrudu, Mayalodu, Yamaleela, Ghatothgajudu, Number One, Subhalagnam, Aahvaanam and so on with discipline, dedication and determination being his armour he has successfully ventured in the Telugu film industry bringing all the characters he directs to life. He says, “My, characters arc created out of my observation of common people. That's why they are popularâ€Â.
In today's deluge of masala films, his films stand out on sheer comedy value and family entertainment. For him story, narration and music are the lifeline of a Film, not bust heaves, foreign locales and super stars. “My effort was to serve homely Andhra cuisine to people fed on a north Indian dietâ€Â.
Known for his clean family entertainers, S V Krishna Reddy has earned unique distinction as none of his films suffered censor cuts. "I have always been the censor officer myself for my films." says S V Krishna Reddy.



Masth (2008) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Bahumati (2007) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Maayajaalam (2006) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Saradha Saradha Ga (2005) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Hungama (2005) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Orey Pandu (2004) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Letha Manasulu (2004) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Athade Oka Sainyam (2004) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Pellamtho Panenti (2003) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Jabili (2003) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Pellam Oorelithe (2003) (Strory Adaptation)(Screenplay, & Direction)
Premaku Swagatham (2002) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Budget Padmanabham (2001) (screen adaptation)(Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Sakutumba Saparivara Sametamga (2001) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Sri Srimathi Satyabhama (2000) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Sardhuku Podam Randi (2000) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Kodanda Ramudu (2000) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Premaku Velayara (1999) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Manasulo Maata (1999) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Abhishekam (1999) (Actor(Hero), Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Pelli Peetalu (1998) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Dheerga Sumangali Bhava (1998) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Ooyala (1998) (Adopted from a Real Story)(Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Judaai (1997) (screenplay)
Ugaadi (1997) (Actor(Hero), Playback Singer, Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Aahvanam (1997) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Yegire Paavurama 1997 (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Gunshot (1996) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Vinodam (1996) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Maavichiguru (1996) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Sampradayam (1996) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Taqdeerwala (Hindi) (1995) (Story)
Vajram (1995) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Ghatotkachudu (1995) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Top Hero (1995) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Shubhalagnam (1994) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Yamaleela (1994) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Number One (1994) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Mayalodu (1994) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Rajendrudru Gajendrudru (1993) (Story, Screenplay, Music & Direction)
Kobbari Bondam (1991) (story)


He Won 3 Filmfare awards intial years:-
1994 - Filmfare Best Director Award - Yamaleela
1994 - Filmfare Best Music Director Award - Yamaleela
1995 - Filmfare Best Director Award - Subha Lagnam
2001 - Ap State Govt. Award - Best Director.
1999 - Tirumala Puraskar Swarna Kankanam Awards - Best Film Premaku Velayara
1998 - Bharata Seva Academy - Best Director for Film Aahvaanam
1998 - Padmamohan Nerolac Film Awards - Best New Hero
1998 - Bhargav Real Estates - presented Swarna Kankanam for no censor cutting films
1997 - AP Cinegoers Film Awards - Best New Hero
1997 - Surya Chandra Santhoshini Film Awards - Best Music Director for Film Vinodham
1997 - Rajadhani Film Awards - Variety Director
1997 - Yuvakalavahini Awards - Sensational Film Director
1997 - Padmamohan Nerolac Film Awards - Best Director for Film Mavichiguru
1997 - AP State Govt. Award - Special Jury Award for Aahvaanam.
1996 - Vamsi Barkili Film Awards - Best Director
1996 - Ballem Visista Film Awards - Best Film Ghatothgajudu
1996 - Padmamohan Art Theaters - Gold Medal
1996 - AP Cinegoers 24th Film Awards - Best Director
1995 - Vamsi Barkili Film Awards - Best Director
1995 - Madras Kamaraj Academy of Film Fare Awards - Best Director
1995 - Kala Sagar 23rd Anniversary Awards - Best Director
1995 - AP Film Critics Awards - Best Director
1995 - AP Nataka Kala Samithi Megacity Film Awards - Chalanachitra Vichitra Vyakti
1995 - Vijay Sivaranjani Film Awards - Best Director
1995 - Relangi Art Academy Award - Best Comedy Film Director
1995 - Yuva Kalavahini Film Awards - Outstanding Director
1995 - AP Cinegoers 24th Film Awards - Best Director
1994 - Kala Sagar 22nd Awards - Best Director
1994 - Rajiv Ratna Award - Best Director.
1994 - Relangi Art Academy Award - for Yamaleela.
1994 - AP State Govt. Award - Second Best Film(Nandhi Award) for Subha Lagnam.
1993 - Ap State Govt. Award - Best Film for Mayalodu.
1993 to till date Many Awards from Megacity, Cine Glamour, Magna Sound, Cinema Gentleman, G.P.R., Keerthi Kiran, Noothakki Etc...

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