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B Vitala charya
B Vitala charya
B.Vittalacharya or B.Vittala Acharya (Born: 28 January 1920 - Died: 28 May 1999) was a popular director and producer of Telugu and Kannada movies.

Vittala Acharya was born on January 20, 1920 in Udayavara, in then Udipi Taluk to middle class Madwa Brahmin couple as Seventh Child. He was interested in Dramas, Bayalata and Yakshagana since childhood. His father was a noted Ayurvedic Doctor, who used to treat patients free of cost. He studied only up to third class. He left the house to seek his fortune at the age of nine years. Reaching Arasikere he did odd jobs and finally bought an Udupi  Restaurant from his cousin. He successfully ran the hotel. He participated in the Quit India Movement against the British Government along with some friends. He was imprisoned. After release from the Jail, he handed over his Hotel Business to his Younger Brother. He established One Touring Cinema in Hassan District along with his Friend Sri.  D. Shankar Singh and others. He was the executive partner running the Touring Talkies on daily basis. He multiplied the single Touring Talkies into four units. He used to watch each and every film they screened and learnt film making technics practically. He got married to Mrs. Jayalakshmi Acharya, third daughter of Sri. U. Ramadasa Acharya of K. R. Pete in 1944.
With the same friends and Shankar Singh, they moved to Mysore and formed a Film Production Company under the Banner of Mahatma Pictures. They produced 18 Kannada Pictures from 1944 to 1953 among them very successful ones like Naga Kanya, Jagan Mohini, Srinivasa Kalyana etc., During that period one by one the partners parted company and finally only Sri. D.Shankar Signh and Sri. B.Vittala Acharya remained. Some of the films were Directed by others, some by Sri. D.Shankar Singh and some by Sri. B.Vittala Acharya.
In 1953, due to some misunderstanding with Sri. D.Shankar Singh, Vittala Acharya parted company and formed his own company under the banner Vittal Productions and produced and directed his first film Rajya Lakshmi. In 1954, he produced and directed Kanya Dhana a revolutionary film for that time. Wishing to Remake the same in Telugu, he moved to then Madras and settled there till his death. After making two more Kannada Movies, he concentrated in Producing and Directing only Telugu Movies. He directed movies for other producers also. He has totally Directed 15 Movies of Sri. N. T. Rama Rao then the leading Hero of Andhra Pradesh. Though he did not get any awards most of his Films were Box Office Success and he was fondly called by his fans as "Janapada Brahma".



1967    Chikkadu Dorakadu        Director
1967    Pidugu Ramudu        Director
1967    Aggi Dora        Director and Producer
1968    Bhale Monagadu        Director
1968    Kadaladu Vadaladu        Director
1968    Ninne Pelladuta        Director and Producer
1969    Gandi Kota Rahasyam        Director
1969    Aggi Veerudu        Director and Producer
1970    Alibaba 40 Dongalu        Director
1970    Lakshmi Kataksham        Director
1971    Raja Kota Rahasyam        Director
1971    C.I.D. Raju        Producer
1972    Beedala Patlu    Telugu    Director and Producer
1973    Palletoori Chinnodu        Director and Producer
1974    Aadadhani Adhurstam        Producer
1975    Kotolo Paga        Director and Producer
1978    Jaganmohini        Director and Producer
1979    Gandrva Kanya        Director and Producer
1980    Madana Manjari        Director and Producer
1984    Nava Mohini        Director and Producer
1986    Mohini Sapatham        Producer and Director
1987    Veera Prathap        Director
Iddaru Monagallu (1966) (director)
Aggi Bharata (1966) (director and producer)
Jwala Dweepa Rahasyam (1965) (director)
Vijaya Simha (1965) (director)
Mangamma Sapatham (1965) (director)
Aggi Pidugu (1964) (director and producer)
Nava Graha Pooja Mahima (1963) (director and producer)
Bandipotu (1963) (director)
Veera Kesari (1963) (director)
Guruvinu Minchina Shishyudu (1963) (director and producer)
Madana Kama Raju Katha (1962) (director and producer)
Varalakhmi Vratham (1961) (director and producer)
Khadhi Kannayya (1961) (director)
Kanaka Durga Pooja Mahima (1960) (director and producer)
Pelli Meeda Pelli (1958) (director and producer)
Anna Chellalu (1958) (director)
Penn Kulathin Pon Villakku(1958)
Mane Thumbida Hennu (1958) (director)
Mane Thumbida Hennu (1957) (producer)
Jaya Vijaya (1957) (director and producer)
Vaddante Pelli (1956) (director and producer)
Muttiyde Baghya (1956) (director and producer)
Kanyadana (1954) (director and producer)
Kanyadanam (1954) (director and producer)
Rajya Lakshmi (1953) (director and producer)

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