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Rama prabha
Rama prabha
Rama prabha was born in Madanapalli. Rama prabha are from a middle class family. My aunt raised me. Rama prabhawas brought up in Ooty and Madras. Rama prabha used to travel a lot with my aunt and uncle that hampered my studies. But Rama prabha had always been in good environment.
In seventies and eighties, irrespective of the lead star, one pair that was common in all the films was Ramaprabha and Rajababu. After Relangi - Girija, their combination clicked in big way with Telugu film audiences. Rajababu is no more. But his most popular on-screen jodi Ramaprabha is still painting makeup to her face and enthralling the audiences! She has also ventured into TV. Ramaprabha has completed 41 years in the film industry yet her love for acting has not diminished. I caught up her when she just returned from the shooting of "Chakravakam" serial.

About the landing into films:

Never in my wildest dreams that I thought of making entry into films! With my uncle's sudden demise, my family was in doldrums. That made me to step into movies. So when I was giving performances as classical dancer, Pratyegatma noticed my skills and offered me a role (I was sister to hero Krishnam Raju) in his film Chilaka Gorinka (1966).

On why she never tried to be heroine!

I do not know the exact reason but from the beginning I felt that I was not suitable to be a leading lady. I didn't have the body structure to carry off glam roles. So I choose to be a character artiste or second leading lady and portrayed different types of roles. If I were heroine, I would have been vanished long back. I thank god for choosing the path of a character actress.

On pairing with the artists:

I will be grateful to Padmanabham garu who agreed to do the first film with me. At that time Gitanjali and he were considered to be a hit pair. When director Pratyagatma told him that I was playing opposite him in Chilaka Gorikana, he didn't object to it. In fact, he encouraged me a lot. After that I had paired mostly with Rajababu garu. We together had done more than 100 movies although I had acted with almost all the heroes of that time - Chalam, Ramakrishna, Shoban Babu, Krishna, etc.

On marriage and divorce:

I was married to actor Sharat Babu and we were separated. Sharat was four years younger to me. I gave a bold statement at that time saying that Seeta is older than Lord Rama (laughs). Our marriage did last for fourteen years.

I married for a shoulder to lean and he married for support. In a way, it was a matter of convenience. We won many awards as best couple on the screen. Off the screen we weren't that way. I loved him honestly but he did't. I acted on screen and he acted off the screen, I can say.

About the winning and losing:

I had earned a lot of money and amassed wealth. But it didn't last. It is entirely my fault. It was my mistake to trust persons whom I shouldn't even allow them to enter in my life. So why blame others for my misery?

Don't ask me as to what happened and who did cheat me. It is a sad thing that some of us have not learnt from our peers - Nagayyaa garu and Savitri garu both of them have lost everything towards end of their career. We did the same mistakes.

On turning into spiritual:

After the bitter divorce, I was depressed. At that time, Saibaba devotees came to me. I was also reading books of Ramana Maharishi, Osho etc at that time. But I was inspired by the preaching of Baba and became his devotee. Yet, I will not perform the pooja and other rituals.

The fresh beginning:

I didn't do anything for five years. I was leading reclusive life then. One day I got a call from Krishnavamsi for the film Ninne Pelladata. That became a hit and Premante Idera followed and offers started coming again. I became busy actress once again. I am leading peaceful life now.

On past and present:

I made many mistakes and had bad virtues. I was boozer at that time and smoked a lot and partied wild. Later I had realized that that is not the life one should lead. I took up acting again only not to be dependent. I want to construct an old age home and spiritual center in Ongole. I want to spend my life with the others who are like me. I do not have that much money now to set it up but may be in future with the help of others I might start.


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