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Name : Chiranjeevi
Original Name :  Konidela Siva Shankara Vara Prasad
Nick Name : Chiru, Chiranjeevi, Megastar
Born : August 22nd, 1955
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Height : 5' 9 "
Birth Place : Mogalturu, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Profession  Actor
Religion :


Father : Sri Venkat Rao
Mother : Anjana Devi
Brothers : Nagendra Babu, Pavan Kalyan
Sisters : Vijaya Durga & Madhavi
Wife : Surekha
Daughters : Sushmita (12.03.1982) & Srija (09.11.1988)
Son : Ramcharan Tej (27.03.1985)

Education : B.Com (Narsapur College), Diploma in film acting


Obtained Diploma in acting on 30th June 1978
 First Film acted : Punadi Rallu
 First Film Released on : 22nd September 1978
 First 100 Days film : Manavuri Pandavulu
 First heroine : Reshmaroy

Debut Film : Pranam Khareedu (telugu)

God : Hanuman
Heroine : Hema Malini

Plays he acted in : Chaiman, Rajeenama, Light Veligindi
First cinema person to meet when he went to Madras for acting : Laxmi Deepak
First Film acted : Punadi Rallu
First Film Released : Pranam Khareedu
First Heroine : Reshma Rai
First Producer to give remuneration : Jaya Krishna (Rs 1,116/-)
First Clap : Love in Singapore
Number of films before marriage :11
First Duel Role : Nakili Manishi
First Shield Received : Manavoori Pandavulu
First Outdoor film : Punadi Rallu (Rajahmundry)
First shield distribution : Manishiko Charitra
First film with more costumes : Gudhachari No. 1
First special getup : Chattaniki Kallulevu (as a Negro in a song)
First Wig film : Raktha bandham
First guest dance film : Prema Natakam
Unreleased films : Vaddi Kasula vaadu, Chinna Puli - Pedda Puli

Website :  

Blog : www.chiruyouth.blogspot.c

Chiranjeevi (Telugu: చిరంజీవి, born Konidela Shiva Shankara Vara Prasad)  on 22 August 1955), is a Telugu film actor, also called "Megastar"  by his fans and admirers. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan award, the third highest award bestowed by the Government of India. He is the only Tollywood actor to receive seven Filmfare  Best Actor awards. He announced his formal entry into politics on in August 2008 by launching the Praja Rajyam Party at Tirupathi in presence of a big gathering from every corner of the state and participated in 2009 elections. He is a member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly representing Tirupathi. After NTR, he is the most famous actor in Andhra Pradesh .
Chiranjeevi married Surekha, the daughter of veteran comedian Allu Ramalingaiah. He has two daughters Sushmitha, Sreeja and a son Ram Charan Teja.

Vara Prasad is the son of the late Sri Venkat Rao and Srimathi Anjana Devi. He was born on 22 August 1956 in Narsapuram, a town on the banks of River Godavari in the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in India. His father worked as a constable and got transferred on a regular basis. He spent his childhood in his native village with his grand parents. He has two sisters and two brothers. His younger brother, Nagendra Babu is a film producer and an actor. His youngest brother, Pawan Kalyan, is also an actor. Chiranjeevi did his schooling in Nidadavolu, Gurajala, Bapatla, Ponnuru, Mangalagiri and Mogalturu. After high school he studied in C.S.R.Sharma Junior College at Ongole. He then graduated from Y.N. College in Narasapur with a B.Com degree. He was an NCC cadet. Chiranjeevi had participated in the Republic Day Parade in New Delhi as an NCC cadet in the early 70s. In 1977, after his graduation at Y.N. College in Narsapuram, Chiranjeevi moved to Chennai to seek a career in acting.
Acting career

Chiranjeevi was a student at the Madras Film Institute and an amateur stage actor. Before completing his training at the film institute, he attended auditions and selected for the film Punaadi Raallu(1978). However, Pranam Khareedu was his first film released in theaters. His first public performance was in the Republic Day parade ballet of Andhra Pradesh on 26 January 1976. In the film Paleru Narsayya, he acted without makeup and impressed the prominent members of the industry. Famous directors Bapu and K Balachandar, who had attended the preview of this film, offered the roles in their respective movies. In Balachander’s Idi Katha Kaadu he acted in a negative role, but in Bapu’s Manavoori Pandavulu he played one important role. For this movie he received a remuneration of Rs.1116. Towards the end of 1979, Chirajeevi started gaining pace in the industry with eight releases in the year.In Kothala Rayudu, a film released during this period, he played the title role for the first time. In 1980, a record fourteen films starring Chiranjeevi hit the theaters, establishing a solid base for him in the industry. In the next two years Chiranjeevi acted in several films in leading, supporting and even in negative roles.

Most notably, his performances in Punnami Naagu (1980) and Nyayam Kavali (1981), Albeit having negative shades, were acclaimed by critiques and audience alike. The year 1983 was a major turning point in Chiranjeevi’s career.Khaidi, which was released in October of this year, brought immediate stardom to Chiranjeevi and marked the beginning of his dominance in the industry. Many film critiques believe that the film has influenced the Telugu Cinema much the same way as the Hindi film Sholay influenced Bollywood. Inspired heavily by the Hollywood flick “First Blood�, Khaidi increased the demand for the director and writers also, besides turning the combination of the duo - director A Kodanda Rami Reddy and Chiranjeevi – into one of the most successful combinations in the industry. This duo went on to work together in 23 films in total, most of them being huge box office blockbusters.

He is well versed in Hindi and his performance was appreciated in many Bollywood movies including Prathibandh (1990), Aaj Ka Goonda Raj (1992), The Gentleman (1994) and many more. He also dubbed many of his Telugu films in Hindi.
With several other super hits in the year like Abhilasha apart from Khaidi, Chiranjeevi appeared to be an obvious choice for this position. Indeed, he would occupy this position within the next few years and, as even his competitors agree, he remained there for more than two decades. (Leading Telugu Actor Venkatesh said in an Interview to India Today that Chiranjeevi has been the undisputed No. 1 since 1987) Chiranjeevi continued to enjoy huge commercial success in the following years with hits like Sangharshana, Rustum and Challenge.

However, the ‘85 released film Adavi Donga was another important movie in his career in that it marked the beginning of his association with another senior director K Raghavendra Rao. Chiranjeevi acted in his direction for most number of films, after A Kodanda Rami Reddy. In '87 release Pasivadi Pranam, Chiranjeevi introduced Break Dance to Indian Cinema. While the industry was obsessed with break dance for several years, he increased his market value magnanimously. By this time, an already number one in the Telugu cinema, Chiranjeevi cemented his place as the undisputed king of Indian box office with blockbuster hits like Donga Mogudu in 1987, Yamudiki Mogudu, Marana Mrudangam in 1988, and State Rowdi, Attaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu in 1989.jagadeeka veerudu athiloka sundari in 1992. During this period, he was promoted with what is now a popular title “Megastar� in his movies, replacing his old title Supreme Hero. Chiranjeevi’s mass following continued to grow bigger and bigger with each passing year and so did his remuneration.

His several films were dubbed and remade in Tamil and Hindi. He starred in Aaj Ka Goondaraja Hindi remake of his Gangleader. He also acted in Telugu remakes of Tamil films including Mannan, remade as Gharana Mogudu in Telugu and remade from Telugu as Laadla (with Anil Kapoor in the lead). During this time, he was the highest paid Indian actor and first actor to charge Rs. 1 crore as remuneration. He was called "Bigger Than Bachchan" in a magazine.

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust

On 2 October 1998, he founded the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT), which includes Chiranjeevi Blood and Eye Banks. It is the state's largest recipient of Blood and Eye Donations. The Blood Bank of the CCT helped over 80,000 people and the Eye Bank has helped about 1000 people in the state of Andhra Pradesh since its opening. So far over 300,000 people have pledged their eyes to CCT, giving 1600 people eyesight through the CCT. CCT has also won the "Best Voluntary Blood Bank Award" by the AP State Government for the past 4 years.

Recently CCT has reached one more landmark by crossing the 100,000 mark in collecting the blood and more than 96,000 people were helped with blood by this blood bank. charges
Political campaign

He contested two constituencies, successfully in Tirupati but losing Palakollu. He recently supported for a "United Andhra Pradesh" and his party rejected the idea for separate Telangana.


* Pranam Kareedu (Reshma Roy-22/09/78)
* Manavoori Pandavulu (09/11/78)
* Tayaramma Bangarayya (Madhavi-12/01/79)
* Kukka Katuku Cheppu Debba (Madhavi-01/03/79)
* Kotta Alludu (villain) - 31/05/79
* I love You (Suvarna-01/06/79)
* Poonadi Rallu (21/06/79)
* Idi Katha Kaadu (Jayasudha-29/06/79)
* Sri Rambantu (Geeta-03/07/79)
* Kothala Raayudu(Madhavi-15/09/79)
* Agni Samskaram(Madhavi-21/02/80)
* Kottapeta Rowdy (guest) -07/03/80
* Chandipriya(Suvarna-07/03/80)
* Aarani Mantalu(Kavita-15/03/80)
* Jathara(Indrani-19/04/80)
* Mosagadu (villain)-22/05/80
* Punnami Naagu(Menaka-13/06/80)
* Nakili Manishi(Sangeeta & Sunita -01/08/80)
* Kaali(Fatafat Jayalakshmi-19/09/80)
* Thathayya Premaleelalu(Geeta & Seema-19/09/80)
* Love In Singapore(Meslin-27/09/80)
* Prema Tarangalu(Sujatha-24/10/80)
* Mogudu Kaavali(Gayatri-15/11/80)
* Rakta Sambandham(Suvarna-13/12/80)
* Adavaalu Meeku Joharulu(Suvarna-15/01/81)
* Paravathi Parameshwarulu(Prabha-06/02/81)
* Todu Dongalu(Geeta-12/02/81)
* Tirugu Leni Manishi(Fatafat Jayalakshmi-03/04/81)
* Prema Natakam (guest) -18/04/81
* Nayam Kavali(Radhika-15/05/81)
* Ooriki Ichina Maata(Kavita-24/06/81)
* Rani Kasula Rangamma(Sridevi-01/08/81)
* Rojulu(Jaya Prada-03/09/81)
* Srirasthu Subhamasthu(Swapna-26/09/81)
* Priya(Radhika (guest)-23/10/81)
* Chettaniki Kallu Levu(Madhavi-30/10/81)
* Kirayi Rowdylu(Radhika-24/12/81)
* Intlo Ramayya Veedilo Krishnayya(Madhavi-23/04/82)
* Bandipotu Simham(sumangali-21/05/82)
* Subhalekha(Sumalatha-11/06/82)
* Idi Pellantara(Radhika-16/07/82)
* Sitadevi(Rajani-30/07/82)
* Radha My Darling(Vijaya Kala-30/07/82)
* Tingu Rangadu(Geetika-01/10/82)
* Patnam Vachina Prativrathalu(Radhika-01/01/82)
* Billa Ranga(Syamala Gowry-15/10/82)
* Yamakinakarudu(Radhika-22/10/82)
* Mondigatam(Radhika-06/11/82)
* Manchupallaki(Suhasini-19/11/82)
* Bandhalu Anubandhalu(Suhasini-26/11/82)
* Prema Pichollu(Radhika-14/01/83)
* Pelletoori Monagadu(Radhika-05/02/83)
* Abhilasha(Radhika-11/03/83)
* Aalyashikaram(Sumalatha-07/05/83)
* Shivudu Shivudu Shivudu(Radhika-09/06/83)
* Puli Bebbuli(Radhika-16/06/83)
* Gudachari No.1(Radhika-30/06/83)
* Magamaha Raju(Suhasini-15/07/83)
* Roshagadu(Madhavi-29/07/83)
* Maa Inti Premayanam(Madhavi-11/08/83)
* Simhapoori Simham(Radhika & Madhavi-20/10/83)
* Khaidi(Madhavi, Sumalatha-28/10/83)
* Mantri Gari Viyankudu(Poornima Jayaram-04/11/83)
* Sangarshana(Nalini-29/12/83)
* Allulu Vasthunnaru(Geeta-11/02/84)
* Goonda(Radha-23/02/84)
* Hero(Radhika-23/03/84)
* Devanthakudu(Vijaya Shanti-12/04/84)
* Mahanagaramlo Mayagadu(Vijaya Shanti-28/06/84)
* Challenge(Vijaya Shanti & Suhasini-09/08/84)
* Intiguttu(Nalini-14/09/84)
* Naagu(Radha-11/10/84)
* Agnigundam(Sumalatha-23/11/84)
* Rustum(Urvasi-21/12/84)
* Chattam Tho Poratam(Madhavi & Sumalatha -11/01/85)
* Donga(-Radha14/03/85)
* Chiranjeevi(Vijaya Shanti-18/04/85)
* Jwala(Bhanupriya & Radhika -14/07/85)
* Puli (Radha -26/07/85 )
* Raktha Sindhuram (Radha -24/08/85)
* Adavi Donga (Radha -19/09/85 )
* Vijetha (Bhanupriya -23/10/85 )
* Keerathakudu (Suhasini -10/01/86 )
* Kondaveeti Raja (Vijaya Shanti & Radha -31/01/86)
* Magadheerudu (Jaya Sudha -07/03/86 )
* Veta (Jaya Prada -28/05/86 )
* Chantabbai (Suhasini -22/08/86)
* Rakshasudu (Suhasini & Radha -02/10/86)
* Dairyavanthudu (Vijaya Shanti -27/11/86 )
* Chanakya Shapadham (Vijaya Shanti -18/12/86)
* Donga Mogudu (Radhika, Madhavi & Bhanupriya-09/01/87)
* Aradhana (Suhasini -27/03/87)
* Chakravarthy (Bhanupriya -04/06/87 )
* Pasivadi Pranam (Vijaya Shanti -23/07/87 )
* Swayam Krushi (Vijaya Shanti -03/09/87)
* Jebu Donga (Radha, Bhanu Priya -25/12/87)
* Manchi Donga (Vijaya Shanti & Suhasini-14/01/88)
* Rudraveena (Sobhana -04/03/88)
* Yamudiki Mogudu (Vijaya Shanti & Radha-29/04/88)
* Khaidi No.786 (Bhanupriya -10/06/88 )
* Marana Mrudangam (Radha & Suhasini -04/08/88)
* Trinetrudu (Bhanupriya -22/09/88 )
* Yudda Bhoomi (Vijaya Shanti -11/11/88)
* Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu (Vijaya Shanti-14/01/89)
* State Rowdy (Radha & Bhanupriya -23/03/89)
* Rudranetra (Vijaya Shanti & Radha -16/06/89)
* Lankeshwarudu (Radha -27/10/89)
* Kondaveeti Donga (Radha & Vijayashanti -09/03/90)
* Jagadekaveerudu Athilokasundari (Sridevi -09/05/90)
* Kodama Simham (Radha, Sonam & Vani Vishwanath -09/08/9)
* Prathibandh (Hindi) (Juhi Chawla -28/09/90)
* Raja Vikramarka (Amala & Radhika -14/11/90)
* Stoovertpuram Police Station (Vijaya Shanti & Nirosha-09/01/91)
* Gang Leader (Vijaya Shanti -09/05/91)
* Rowdy Alludu (Sobhana & Divaya Bharati -18/10/91)
* Gharan Mogudu (Nagma & Vani Vishwanath -09/04/92)
* Aaj Ka Goonda Raj (Hindi) (Menakshi Seshadri -10/07/92)
* Aapathbandavudu (Menakshi Seshadri -09/10/92)
* Mutamestri (Meena & Roja -17/01/93)
* Mechanic Alludu (Vijaya Shanti -27/05/93)
* Mugguru Monagallu (Roja, Nagma & Ramya Krishna -07/01/94)
* S.P.Parshuram (Sridevi -16/06/94)
* The Gentleman (Hindi) (Juhi Chawla -18/11/94 )
* Alluda Mazaaka...! (Ramya Krishna & Rambha -26/02/95 )
* BigBoss (Roja -15/06/95)
* Rikshavodu (Nagma & Soundarya-14/12/95)
* Hitler (Rambha -04/01/97)
* Master (Sakshi Sivanand & Roshini -03/10/97)
* Bavagaru Bagunnara..? (Rambha -09/04/98)
* Choodalani Vundi (Soundarya & Anjala Zhaveri -27/09/98)
* Sneham Kosam (Meena -01/01/99)
* Iddaru Mitrulu (Saakshi Sivanand,Rambha & Ramya Krishna-30/04/99)
* Annayya (Soundarya & Simran -07/01/00)
* Mrigaraju (Simran, Sanghvi & Rambha -11/01/01)
* Manjunatha (Meena & Soundarya -22/06/01 )
* Daddy (Simran & Ashima Bhalla -04/10/01 )
* Indra (Sonali Bendre, Arti Agrawal -24/07/02)
* Tagore (Jyothika, Shriya -18/09/03)
* Anji (Namratha Sirodkar -15/01/04)
* Shankar Dada MBBS (Sonali Bendre -15/10/04)
* Andarivadu (Tabu & Rimmi Sen -04/06/05 )
* Jai Chiranjeeva(21/12/05)
* Stalin(20/09/06)
* Shankardada Zindabad


In January 2006, Mr Chiranjeevi was honored with the Padma Bhushan, the third highest civilian award in India. In November 2006, Chiranjeevi was awarded with a honorary doctorate by Andhra University for his services to the Telugu film industry and for his social work, A P Govt Nandi Awards for Swayankrushi (1987) and Apatbandhavudu (1992). Over 10 Filmfare Awards won.

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