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Antariksham Movie ReviewAntariksham Movie Review

Indian satellite Mihira faces a technical failure and this will lead to mayhem in global satellite system. Riya (Aditi) and Mohan (Avasarala) tell their space centers boss (Rehman) that only Dev (Varun) can rectify this problem. Trouble is that Dev has been stopped working for the center after a failed mission five years ago. How Riya convinces him and at what length Dev go to restore pride of Indian space scientists forms rest of the story.

Updated on : Saturday 22nd December 2018 Read More . .
Padi Padi Leche Manasu Movie ReviewPadi Padi Leche Manasu Movie Review

Suriya (Sharwanand) who lives in Kolkota falls in love with Vaishali (Sharwanand), a medical student. He tries many ways to woo her but she doesnt fall for him easily. Finally, when they start liking each other a life threatening incident changes their lives. They come to Khatmandu to meet each other after a forced breakup for one year. Then an incident makes her to forget him. What is that What will he do

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Odiyan Movie ReviewOdiyan Movie Review

Odiyan Manikyam (Mohan Lal) returns to his village after nearly gap of 15 years. He has a reason to come back. His sole purpose is to protect Prabha (Manju Warrier) and her family from the evil guy (Prakash Raj) after his return. What is the back story of Manikyam and what is his connection with Prabha That forms the rest of the movie.

Updated on : Saturday 15th December 2018 Read More . .
Bhairava Geetha Movie ReviewBhairava Geetha Movie Review

In Rayalaseema, Subbareddys daughter Geetha(Irra Mor) is in love with his fathers henchman Bhairava(Dhanunjaya). Bhairava is not aware of her love initially but her dad comes to know and he plots to kill Bhairava. Soon Bhairava starts loving her and both of them elope to save themselves from Subbareddys men. Rest of the drama what problems they face along the way.

Updated on : Friday 14th December 2018 Read More . .
Subramanyapuram Movie ReviewSubramanyapuram Movie Review

Karthik (Sumanth), an atheist who works in archeology department in Hyderabad, develops love towards Priya (Eesha) who hails from Subramanyapuram, a village famous for Subramanyaswamy temple. In her village strange suicides are occurring and her father being the head of the village tries to hush up this phenomenon. Karthik comes to her village to research on why people are getting killed themselves and writing suicide letters in a language that is no longer exists. What is the secret

Updated on : Saturday 8th December 2018 Read More . .
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