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Thipparaa Meesam Movie Review

Thipparaa Meesam Movie Review

Release Date: Friday 8th November 2019

Cast: Sree Vishnu, Rohini, Nikki Tamboli, Josh Ravi, Ravi Prakash, Ravi Varma, Ramarao and others


Mani Shankar (Sree Vishnu) is a DJ with problems of drug addiction and gambling. He hates his mother Lalitha Devi (Rohini) and lives alone.

When he has to repay the borrowed amount for gambling activity in just two months, he comes to his mother seeking money and the cheque that she has given him gets bounced.

Shockingly, he files a case against his mother. Why did he hate her so much What made him become such a person.


Tipparaa Meesam alternates between the present and the past. As we have seen in Arjun Reddy, Sree Vishnu is presented as a youngster with an aggressive attitude with a careless nature.

The film goes back to past events and cuts to the present. The mood, the intensive acting of Sree Vishnu and his stunning makeover, the impulsive nature of the protagonist and the boldness give an impression that the makers have inspired by Arjun Reddy. However, the content and execution are poles apart. 

While the lead actors character has similarities with Vijay Deverakondas movie, Thipparaa Meesam tests the patience with the hero being a very bad person to the most part.

Though the reason for his fallen character is explained in the second half convincingly, the redeeming value is far less. 

Thipparaa Meesam is essentially a mother son sentiment drama but the director has chosen to tell it darkly by projecting the hero as a very bad person, or as in Puri Jagannadhs Loafer. But Sree Vishnus character has too many vices for us to feel sorry or empathy for him. Thus we dont connect with the hero.

When the audience doesnt connect with the lead hero, the proceedings turn ineffective. That is the basic flaw of this gloomy story. 

Any audience would easily guess that the hero would be changed the person in the end, and there would be a mother son sentiment angle. The film ends in such a predictable way, giving a reason for the title Thipparaa Meesam. 

The film makes an uncomfortable watch for the most part. Many scenes are like torture. The final portions are handled by the director effectively compared to the earlier gloomy mood. 

Despite Sree Vishnus performance, the film is an excruciating bore. However, the director should have restricted the heros bad character act to limited scenes than prolonging it to the two thirds of the movie. 

In a nutshell, Thippara Meesam is hard to watch. 

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Note : This review is an opinion of review writer. Please do not judge the movie based on this review. After you watch movie in the theater, please let us know your feedback in comments below. We believe that movie making is a tedious job and needs lots of efforts in making. Hence we do not rate any movie. We keep it as our principle.
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