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Oh Baby Movie Review

Oh Baby Movie Review

Release Date: Friday 5th July 2019

Cast: Samantha Akkineni, Lakshmi, Rajendra Prasad, Naga Shourya, Rao Ramesh, Urvashi, Pragati, Tej, Jagapathi Babu, Naga Chaitanya Akkineni


Savitri Baby (Lakshmi) is a 70 year old grandma. Her daughter in law has a breakdown due to Babys nagging and dominating attitude.

Upon learning that shed be sent out from home, she stumbles on a photo studio that promises her to look younger. Indeed, she becomes 50 years younger magically. Now Baby Swathi (Samantha) is her younger self with beautiful features.
She starts living the life she missed earlier, meets a young guy (Naga Shaurya) who shows interest in her.


Based on a Korean hit movie Miss Granny, this drama has interesting premise. What a grandmother would do if she gets the chance to live again as a young woman, is a novel thought.

It is not possible in real life but this fantasy idea makes an interesting story to tell, which is why the Korean drama became a huge hit and it was remade in many languages.

Oh Baby is mostly faithful version of the Korean drama but this one is more sentimental.

The film begins with the scenes of Lakshmi, the 70 year old grandmother, her life, her troubles in her sons house, etc.

After taking more than 25 minutes for these sequences, director Nandini Reddy brings Samanthas character, the younger self of Lakshmi, into the scene. Then begins the fun quotient. Samantha is like sunshine she brings brightness to the story.

From the moment Samantha starts playing the younger role of Baby, the film becomes fun and she moving into the house of her friend Chanti (Rajendra Prasad) as a tenant has added more fun.

Despite occasional slips, the first half is highly engaging. The interval bang is also neat. But the movie soon becomes into a musical story and family emotional drama.

The character of Baby (Lakshmi) wishes to become singer as she become younger. It was her dream from her childhood.

She wanted to sing for Savitri and Jamuna in films but she got married at young age and her husband died soon leaving her in penury with a child (Rao Ramesh).

So, she didnt get the chance to pursue her dreams. But when she gets the chance of becoming singer, she again starts living for her grandsons dream. He wishes to establish a musical band of his own.
She joins him concealing her identity. Her dream becomes her grandsons dream. Thus the films tone and direction also goes in a different way. In the place of fun, sentiment and family drama comes in. This is where the film stumbles. But it also comes back into the groove in the final.

Samantha has understood her character well and has poured all her energy into the character to make it livelier. Many predictable sequences are enjoyable due to her expressions. However, same cannot be said about other portions in the movie. Plus, the film has plot holes. 

The biggest drawback of the movie is Mickey J Meyers pretty ordinary songs and lag in the second half.

Overall, Oh Baby is a highly enjoyable watch for Samanthas exceptional acting. This film proves that she is in the best phase of her career and enjoying her roles. This sentimental family drama completely belongs to Samantha but both Lakshmi and Rajendra Prasad have also added their strength with great performances.

Watch this one for fun and performances.

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Note : This review is an opinion of review writer. Please do not judge the movie based on this review. After you watch movie in the theater, please let us know your feedback in comments below. We believe that movie making is a tedious job and needs lots of efforts in making. Hence we do not rate any movie. We keep it as our principle.
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