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Lakshmis NTR Movie Review

Lakshmis NTR Movie Review

Release Date: Friday 29th March 2019

Cast: P Vijay Kumar, Yagna Shetty, Sri Tej and others


The story begins in 1989. Lakshmi Parvathi (Yagna Shetty) enters into NT Rama Raos life to write his story and soon becomes his caretaker, his soul mate and eventually his second wife.

NTRs daughters and sons loath NTRs new wife and start plotting against her. His son in law Nara Chandrababu Naidu spills fear in the minds of NTRs sons and daughters that Lakshmi Parvathi would take over Telugu Desam party.

How he stages coup against NT Rama Rao and how the great leader led his life in his last days is shown in the story.


We have recently seen two parts of NTR Biopic as NTR Kathanayakudu and NTR Mahanayakudu directed by Krish. Both were rejected by the audiences as they tried to glorify NTRs life hiding the dark parts. Also both the movies didnt cover NTRs life of his last days.

Ram Gopal Varma and Agasthya directed Lakshmis NTR narrates the account of NTRs last days after he lost power in 1989.

The film primarily focuses on three points  1) NTR and Lakshmi Parvathis love story 2) How NTR was neglected by his sons and daughters (it completely establishes that they didnt provide care to an aging man) 3) CBNs coup

Lakshmis NTR comes to the point straight with the arrival of Lakshmi Parvathi in an auto to pen the biography of NT Rama Rao.

The first half of the movie solely has focused on how the bond between them blossomed and turned into a tree. Two background songs, and sublime depiction of their bonding are good here. Major Chandrakanth episode has become basis for the interval bang and the all important coup and Chandrababu Naidus evil tactics are occupied the second half.

While the first half is narrated in slow and theatrical manner, the second half of the movie hits the bulls eye. There is no two ways about it, the second half establishes as Chandrababu Naidu is the one who backstabbed is father-in-law.

Unlike Krish, Ram Gopal Varma has showcased NTRs life in realistic way. But the slow narration is major drawback. It needs lot of patience to watch the sluggish pace of bonding between NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi. Also the actors chosen for NTRs family members are more like actors in a spoof movie.

Some important dialogues are muted by Censor Board.

All in all, Lakshmis NTR serves its purpose of recounting the past events in NTRs last days. It also answers why NTR married Lakshmi Parvathi. However, this film is also not complete biopic, it is only like the other side of NTR from the perspective of Lakshmi Parvathi.

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Note : This review is an opinion of review writer. Please do not judge the movie based on this review. After you watch movie in the theater, please let us know your feedback in comments below. We believe that movie making is a tedious job and needs lots of efforts in making. Hence we do not rate any movie. We keep it as our principle.
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