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Adhugo Movie Review

Adhugo Movie Review

Release Date: Wednesday 7th November 2018

Cast: Ravi Babu, Nabha Natesh, Abhishek Varma, RK and others


A piglet belonging to a kid in Gannavaram in Andhra Pradesh is taken by a gang. It eventually lands in Hyderabad.

Sixpack Shakti (Ravi Babu), Gutka Gangaraju and Sharjah Shankar (RK) are in search of this piglet for various reasons.

How piglet escapes from them and reaches the kid forms the rest of the story.


Ravi Babu is known for making different and interesting movies like Anasuya, and Nachavule. At the same time, he has also made inane, quirky comedies like Ammayilu Abbayilu and Party that have put off the audiences.

His comedy is not palatable for regular moviegoer as he generally tries to generate entertainment from yuck situations. His latest movie Adhugo falls in the latter group.

The film begins with a pig narrating (Rajendra Prasads voiceover for this pig) a moral story to its kid. It tells how a piglet caused havoc when it crossed the road. Then Bunty the piglet is introduced. But before coming to the main point, we get to see the story of a young couple (played by Abhishek Varma and Nabha Natesh).

Then various characters like Energy Benarjee, Six pack Shakti, Gutka Gangaraju, Sharjah Shankar, Anger Apparao, Double Agent Damu, Key Kumar are introduced each one having a back story.

Six pack Shakti is in search of this Bunty to slice her to get the chip that she swallowed. Gutka Gangaraju and Sharjah Shankar are searching for Bunty to win a race as it the pig has three tattoos on her body which is a good omen. All these threads are interwoven.

Till the interval, we dont get to see the Buntys action but the silly comedy scenes on various gangs go on. Post interval, focus shifts on Buntys escapades but those sequences have failed to generate laughs.

Instead, Ravi Babu has come up with his brand of inane comedy: Gutka Gangaraju spits on his assistants, Sharjah Shankars wife always badmouths him, a guy is chased when hes having bath and he runs naked, etc. And a piglet poops on the face of Gangaraju. It turns even clumsy later.

All in all, Adhugo is bore to the core. The film is full of chaotic sequences with over the top comedy, bad jokes. It is totally avoidable for good of your health

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