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Kaala Movie Review

Kaala Movie Review

Release Date: Thursday 7th June 2018

Cast: Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Eswari Rao, Huma Qureshi, Samuthirakani, Sampath Raj, Ravi Kaaleand others


Dharavi slum area in Mumbai is under threat of being ransacked as a political leader Hari Dada (Nana Patekar) has grandiose plans to build a huge residential project as part of his Pure Mumbai plan. He plans to make the city clean and pure sans slums.

Karikaala aka Kaala opposes his plan. When Hari Dada sees Kala has become stumbling block to his plans, he hatches plan to kill him.

Karikaala unleashes an agitation against the kabzaa of Dharavi land.


Nela Neeku Adhikaram Nela Maaku Jeevitham (Land is stepping stone for your power but for us it is lifeline) says Rajinikanth confronting Nana Patekar.

The battle mainly hinges on this line and it is also forms the central theme of Rajinikanths Kaala. Directed by Pa Ranjith, the movie is set in Mumbai slums Dharavi.

Kabaali has failed to connect with large section of Rajinis fans and general Telugu movie going public. Comparatively, Kaala has clear cut plotline politician versus slum leader, protagonist turning the saviour of the area he lives in.

This is age old story line and has scope for enough mass elements. However, the director has a political ideology, he has made this movie in his style that is quite boring for a Telugu audience.

The family moments in the beginning, the penultimate scenes in the second half, and the scenes between Huma and Rajini make us feel restless.

As long as the film is focused on the conflict between Hari Dada (Nana Patekar) and Kaala (Rajinikanth), it holds the interest. Nana Patekar comes into the picture just before interval.

The scenes between Nana and Rajini (there are three confrontational scenes) have the best massy moments and elevate heroism to the best.

The police station sequence and Rajini entering into Nanas house are even better. Despite some clap worthy moments, the film turns into a mess in the second half. The climax is even bad.

Despite slow and not so engaging family scenes in the beginning, the film gets in groove with the Kya Re Setting aa fight sequence and it gets better with interval but the director has failed to capitalize it later. The lengthy final sequence is awkwardly boring.

In Tamilnadu, Rajinikanth is facing criticism that he is pro BJP person but the film actually does have strong message against Modi governments policies. Despite political message, it doesnt work much.

The film tests the patience as it progresses towards the end. Added to this misery, the songs are bad. Not a single song is worth of appreciation.

On the whole, Kaala is a kind of a movie that is liked by people who have similar political ideology of the director but for general Telugu audiences, it is a mixed bag.

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Note : This review is an opinion of review writer. Please do not judge the movie based on this review. After you watch movie in the theater, please let us know your feedback in comments below. We believe that movie making is a tedious job and needs lots of efforts in making. Hence we do not rate any movie. We keep it as our principle.
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