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Paisa Vasool movie review

Paisa Vasool movie review

Release Date: Friday 1st September 2017


Nandamuri Balakrishna, Shriya Saran, Muskaan, Kyra Dutt, Kabir Bedi, Ali, Prudhvi, Pavithra Lokesh, Vikram Jeeth and others


Theda Singh (Nandamuri Balakrishna) comes to Hyderabad and picks up a lawyers house (Prudhvi) for his stay. Staying right opposite to the house is a girl called Harika (Muskaan) along with her mother. Her sister who goes to Portugal goes missing.

On the other hand, a RAW team is on the look out for someone who can take on and kill the mafia don (Vikramjeet). They find Theda Singh appropriate for their mission and he agrees to help them.

But the mafia don and his politician friend suspect that Theda Singh is not the simple guy he claims to be and believe he has a flashback. What is that Who is he really.


Paisa Vasool does not waste time getting into point. Very early the plot is revealed that he is acting as Theda Singh on a purpose, he comes to Hyderabad for a mission and he has a backstory. Enough hints are given for this.

Puri Jagannadh is clearly at a loss of new ideas for story writing or screenplay drive. All his recent movies except Temper (which was again written by Vakkantham Vamsi) are bad rehash versions of his early movies.

For Paisa Vasool, he took the template of his blockbuster Pokiri. When Pokiri was released, the screenplay and the final twist seemed novel for audiences but after all these years and seeing umpteen movies in the similar format, Puri has again dared to rehash the same. Hence, we do not feel excited when the twist comes here.

Moreover, the sequences and scenes are clumsy and poorly written. It is as if Puri went to the sets without writing any scenes but writing dialogues for Balakrishna.

Till the interval bang, nothing much happens except Balakrishna drinking alcohol, dancing with two heroines, and indulging in fights. He constantly speaks on, utters punch dialogue one after another. It is not one man show, it is like one mouth show!

Balakrishnas characterization seems entertaining at the start, but Puri Jagan could not use it to full effect.

First half of the film is okay in bits and pieces. Puri is able to hold it for sometime despite the lack of story. Second half however is a total mess as Theda Singh character also fails to entertain. Whole episode between Balakrishna and Shriya lacks entertainment value. It turns unbearable after Theda Singhs identity is revealed. Climax portion involving patriotic dialogues turns out to be a joke. 

There is a dialogue in the film where Balakrishna says only family and friends have the rights to put a gun at him, and outers are not allowed. In the end card, the same line is changed to it is for fans and family, outers are not allowed. Outers means outsiders. If we apply this same analogy, Paisa Vasool is only for fans and family of Balayya, not for outsiders.

As a director, Puri has not changed at all, he is completely hinging on the star power of his heroes and not writing anything interesting recently. He has made this film to appease Balakrishna than the general audiences, as there is no coherence in the dialogues that Balayya utters in the movie.

On the whole, Paisa Vasool regales with mass moments here and there but it soon drifts into regular style of Puris recent movies that are loud and too predictable.


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Note : This review is an opinion of review writer. Please do not judge the movie based on this review. After you watch movie in the theater, please let us know your feedback in comments below. We believe that movie making is a tedious job and needs lots of efforts in making. Hence we do not rate any movie. We keep it as our principle.
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