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Sammohanam Movie ReviewSammohanam Movie Review

A famous actress Sameera (Aditi Rao) comes to the residence of Vijay (Sudheer Babu) for a movie shoot as the house was hired as the location. Vijay doesnt like movie stars and their world as it is filled with fake people. Despite his loathsomeness towards movie stars, he gets attracted to her when she hires him as Telugu dialogue coach. Vijay is good at Telugu and is waiting for his book of cartoons in Telugu to be published. He naturally falls for her beauty and for her aura. But being a big film star will she reciprocate the same?

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Naa Nuvve Movie ReviewNaa Nuvve Movie Review

A book named Love Signs which was bought by Kalyani, Varuns (Kalyan Ram) grandmother lands in the hands of Meera (Tamannah), a radio jockey. She leaves the book at a shop and asks the shop owner handover it to Kalyani, but it miraculously comes into her hands again. When she opens the book, she finds the photo of Varun and at the same moment she gets a call that she passed her exams. She starts believing that hes her lucky charm. She now wants to meet him. After a series of failures, she meets him and soon they fall in love. Twist is that he doesnt believe in the theory of destiny. He puts her theory to test and she passes the test and their love thickens. But later destiny has other plans. What is that? How do they meet again?

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Kaala Movie ReviewKaala Movie Review

Dharavi slum area in Mumbai is under threat of being ransacked as a political leader Hari Dada (Nana Patekar) has grandiose plans to build a huge residential project as part of his Pure Mumbai plan. He plans to make the city clean and pure sans slums. Karikaala aka Kaala opposes his plan. When Hari Dada sees Kala has become stumbling block to his plans, he hatches plan to kill him. Karikaala unleashes an agitation against the kabzaa of Dharavi land.

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Raju Gadu Movie ReviewRaju Gadu Movie Review

Raju (Raj Tarun) is a youngster who runs a supermarket. He is a kleptomania and this puts him in embarrassing situations in life many times and several women have walked out when they come to know his chori. One day, he meets a beautiful girl Thanvi and series of incidents bring them together and they fall in love. Thanvis father also likes Raju but he puts a condition that Raju should stay for some days at his fathers house in Ramapuram village. Thanvis grandfather cuts off a thiefs hands when the villagers catch him. Can Raju survive here when the grandfather knows that he is a kleptomania?

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Officer Movie ReviewOfficer Movie Review

Shivaji Rao (Nagarjuna), a police officer in Hyderabad, is sent to Mumbai. He is in charge of special investigation that is probing if Narayana Pasari is involved with mafia activities. Pasari, a famous Mumbai police officer known for eliminating mafia from Mumbai. Will Shivaji succeed in finding the truth? What problems would he face?

Updated on : Friday 1st June 2018 Read More . .
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