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Rangula Raatnam Movie ReviewRangula Raatnam Movie Review

Vishnu (Raj Tarun) leads a happy life as an employee working in a software company. He lives with his mother (Sithara). He gets impressed by Keerthy (Chitra Shukla) at a wedding event. She works in an event management company. She turns out to be the same girl who he has seen daily on the road following strict traffic rules. His mother is happy that he has finally liked a girl. When his mother suddenly passes away, his life comes crashing down and Keerthy stands beside him. She starts loving him. However, she is very particular about cleanliness, hygiene, safe travel, etc. This leads to problems between them. How does their story end?

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Gang Movie ReviewGang Movie Review

Uttam (Suriya) along with Jhansi Rani aka Bujjamma (Ramya Krishna) forms a gang that poses as Special Investigation Team of CBI and conducts raids on corrupt leaders and businessmen. Their heist plan works well twice but later CBI comes to know of their acts and sets a trap for them. Can this gang succeed in their next final mission?

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Jai Simha Movie ReviewJai Simha Movie Review

Narasimha (Nandamuri Balakrishna) along with his new born baby moves to Kumbakonam to lead a peaceful life, from Vizag. He gets a drivers job in a rich mans (Murali Mohan) house. Local gang leader Kaniyappans (Kalakeya Prabhakar) brother gets hurt in an accident done by the daughter (Natasha) of Narasimhas owner, but he takes the blame on him. And suddenly he sees Gowri (Nayanathara) with her husband at a temple. Then story moves to flashback: Narasimha and Gowri are childhood friends in Vizag and love each other. They wanted to get married but Gowris father (Prakash Raj) raises objections as Narasimha frequently indulges in fights. One day, Gowri runs away from her home to get married to Narasimha only to find that he just got married to his coworker Manga (Haripriya). Why did Narasimha take this decision?

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Agnyaathavaasi Movie ReviewAgnyaathavaasi Movie Review

Govind Bhargav aka Vinda (Boman Irani), chairman of AB Group of Industries, is killed by a rival businessman in an attempt to take over his company. His other son also gets killed. The guy who hatched a plan to kill him is under the assumption that Govind has no heir to take over the company. Govind always keeps plan B ready for every crisis in his business. He also has a plan B a son who is not known to the world. Now Indrani (Khusbu), his wife, brings the son from hiding. Enters Abhishikt Bhargv (Pawan Kalyan). He enters into the office of AB Headquarters with another identity as Balasubramanyam to find out who are his fathers killers. How he finds them out is the main story.

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2 Countries Movie Review2 Countries Movie Review

Ullas (Sunil) believes in only one thing money. He agrees to marry a disabled girl as she is rich. However, he changes his mind when he learns that parents of his childhood friend Laya (Manisha Raj) are looking for an alliance. After knowing that she earns $10k per month in the US, he marries Laya. Twist in the tale is that she is an alcohol addict. How the life of Ullas and Laya takes a turn in the US forms the rest of the story.

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