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Katamarayudu Movie ReviewKatamarayudu Movie Review

In a Rayalaseema village, Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a sort of good leader to the villagers and he uses violence to settle disputes. He hates of idea of marriage and remains bachelor, while his four brothers have girlfriends. They hatch a plan to make his brother fall in love with Avanthi (Shruti Haasan). He indeed falls for her beauty. The trouble is her father (Nasser) does not like any person who indulges in violence. To win the love, Katamarayudu renounces violence but soon he comes to know that revenge seeking convict (Tarun Arora) is hatching plan to kill Avanthis father who is retired judge. How Katamarayudu who came to Avanthis village to win her love becomes savior of their family is told in rest of the movie.

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Gunturodu Movie ReviewGunturodu Movie Review

Story: Story happens in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. Kanna (Manchu Manoj) is a wayward who passes the time by hanging out with group of friends. One day, at a party, a tiff arises and Kanna beats up Seshu (Sampath Raj) as he asked Kanna and his friends to vacate the party. Since Kanna has cake cream pasted on his face, Seshu who is gangster cum criminal lawyer doesn't recognize him. Next day, Seshu asks his men to find out who Kanna is and murder him. Meanwhile, Kanna falls in love with Amrutha (Pragya Jaiswal). Like any movie heroine, she refuses his proposal but after two songs she agrees his love. As interval comes, like in most films, Kanna comes to know that Amrutha is sister of Seshu. Now the game starts.

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Dwaraka Movie ReviewDwaraka Movie Review

Erra Srinu (Vijay Devarakonda), petty thief, lands in an apartment named Dwaraka when he is trying to run away from robbery. He hits the luck here, as a pujari (Prudhvi) makes him a baba named Sri Krishnananda Swamy. Though he is acting as Baba on the insistence of Pujari, people start believing him. An evil lawyer and police run a devasthanam trust on his name and star milking money from the donations that came from followers of Sri Krishnananda Swamy. Erra Srinu who is in love with Vasudha(Pooja Jhaveri) comes to know that she has come to the same apartment. He continues to act as Baba in the hope to win her heart. On the other hand a rationalist Chaitanya (Murali Sharma) tries to expose fake babas. Rest of the movie is how Srinivas comes out clean from this fake drama he is engulfed in, when the entire issue turns into a major issue.

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Kitttu Unnadu Jagratha Movie ReviewKitttu Unnadu Jagratha Movie Review

A car mechanic Kittu (Raj Tarun) is forced to take up the job of kidnapping dogs to clear off the debts he made for one reason. He loves a girl Janaki (Anu Emmanuel), whose father asks her to leave a bag of Rs 25 lakhs at Kittus garage pretending to be leaving it mistakenly to test his honesty. On the same day, the money is stolen by one of the Kittu's friends. To give her money, he takes loan from a mafia don and hands over to her. But she breaks up with him when she comes to know that he is kidnapping dogs for money. In a turn of events, Janaki is kidnapped by a mafia dons brother to get access card of her father (Naga Babu) who is an Income Tax commissioner. At the same time, Kittu kidnaps dog of Janaki, without knowing that the puppy belongs to their family. This entire kidnap drama of Janaki and dog has many twists and turns further.

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Winner Movie ReviewWinner Movie Review

Siddharth Reddy (Sai Dharam Tej) hates his father Mahender Reddy (Jagapathi Babu) as he marries another woman after his mothers death. Mahender Reddy turns busy as businessman of racecourse and stops caring for Siddharth as he used to do. So the kid Siddharth Reddy runs away from home and develops hatred towards his father and horse racing. Years later, Siddharth Reddy turns out to be owner of a newspaper. He falls in love with Sitara (Rakul Preet Singh) who comes to Hyderabad to participate in a running competition. In typical cinematic style, he proposes her, she says no to him. Then her father arranges a marriage with a horse rider (Anup Thakoor Singh). In the marriage mandapam, Sitara asks both Siddharth Reddy and this horse rider to compete with each other in horse riding race and winner gets her. Siddharth who has aversion to horse riding now has twin challenges to win the love of Sitara as well as win back his fathers love by competing with this Jockey. What happens next?

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