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Keshava Movie ReviewKeshava Movie Review

Keshava (Nikhil), a law student studying in Kakinada, has only one mission in life to take vengeance of the killing of his parents. He knows that some police officers did this on purpose. He goes to kill them off one by one with meticulous planning. His classmate Sathya Bhama (Ritu Varma) gets suspicious of his activities and when confronted he tells the whole story. On the other hand, IPS officer Sharmila Mishra (Isha Koppikar) easily finds that Keshava is behind these killings of police officers but she has no proper evidence against him. Will he complete the mission as Sharmila has come to know his real motive?

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 Cheliyaa Movie ReviewCheliyaa Movie Review

Varun (Karthi), a fighter pilot in Indian Air Force, gets imprisoned in Pakistan jail during Kargil war when Pak army bombs his plane down. In jail, he lives with the memories of Leela. The story moves back and forth the present serving of jail and his past love story. Couple of years ago, an accident brings officer Varun and Dr Leela together in Sri Nagar. Love blossoms. Trouble arises in their relationship when he starts showing anger issues and other mood swings. She breaks up her relationship with him when he says he is not sure about being a good husband or parent. Now the story comes to the current times in Pakistan.He tries to escape from the jail to meet Leela.

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Guru Movie ReviewGuru Movie Review

A boxing coach Aditya (Venkatesh) who has trouble keeping his tempers down is transferred to Vizag, when he fights with the head coach Dev (Zakir Hussain). Vizag is not known for having women boxing champions. He has no hopes to find any girl to train there. But luckily, he spots a slum girl Ramulu (Ritika) who has talent and is very aggressive like him. Aditya takes up the challenge to train her into a champion. How Aditya and Ramulu tread their path to the glory overcoming the obstacles?

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Katamarayudu Movie ReviewKatamarayudu Movie Review

In a Rayalaseema village, Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a sort of good leader to the villagers and he uses violence to settle disputes. He hates of idea of marriage and remains bachelor, while his four brothers have girlfriends. They hatch a plan to make his brother fall in love with Avanthi (Shruti Haasan). He indeed falls for her beauty. The trouble is her father (Nasser) does not like any person who indulges in violence. To win the love, Katamarayudu renounces violence but soon he comes to know that revenge seeking convict (Tarun Arora) is hatching plan to kill Avanthis father who is retired judge. How Katamarayudu who came to Avanthis village to win her love becomes savior of their family is told in rest of the movie.

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Gunturodu Movie ReviewGunturodu Movie Review

Story: Story happens in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. Kanna (Manchu Manoj) is a wayward who passes the time by hanging out with group of friends. One day, at a party, a tiff arises and Kanna beats up Seshu (Sampath Raj) as he asked Kanna and his friends to vacate the party. Since Kanna has cake cream pasted on his face, Seshu who is gangster cum criminal lawyer doesn't recognize him. Next day, Seshu asks his men to find out who Kanna is and murder him. Meanwhile, Kanna falls in love with Amrutha (Pragya Jaiswal). Like any movie heroine, she refuses his proposal but after two songs she agrees his love. As interval comes, like in most films, Kanna comes to know that Amrutha is sister of Seshu. Now the game starts.

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