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 Evaru Movie ReviewEvaru Movie Review

Sameera (Regina) is accused of murdering her lover, with whom she is having a relationship outside marriage as her husband is gay. Sameera came to a Coonoor resort in Tamilnadu with her lover Ashok. Her friend bribes a police officer Vikram Vasudev (Adivi Sesh) to help Sameera to build a defense case before she appears in the court of law. He asks her account, why did she murder her own lover and what really has happened.

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Ranarangam Movie ReviewRanarangam Movie Review

In the present day, Deva (Sharwanand) runs a mafia empire in India from Spain and leads an affluent lifestyle. He is living with a kid. The story then cuts to 1995 when NTR romped back to power and imposed total prohibition of alcohol in the state. How Deva becomes a mafia don using this prohibition is the main point. He brings alcohol from Orissa and sells them in Vizag and becomes a threat to the bootlegging business of local MLA. The story intercuts to the past and present and past haunts him in the present as well.

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Manmadhudu 2 Movie ReviewManmadhudu 2 Movie Review

Middle aged Sam (Nagarjuna) is a perfumer and is unmarried. When his mother and sisters insist on getting married, he brings in a girlfriend Avanthika (Rakul Preet Singh). She has been hired for a fake marriage. But things dont go as they plan. She runs away as they planned on their wedding but she comes back to his life due to one incident. Will this rented girlfriend fall in love

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Rakshasudu Movie ReviewRakshasudu Movie Review

In Hyderabad city, a school girl is murdered. Then some more murders happen. A rookie police officer Arun (Bellamkonda Srinivas) suspects that a sociopath is behind these killings. His theory and his method of investigation gets admonished by his higher officer but he continues to search for the killer. He turns obsessive with the case when a personal loss happens. And what is the final twist and who is the real killer

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iSmart Shankar Movie ReviewIsmart Shankar Movie Review

Shankar (Ram) kills a politician after taking supari from his uncle but he later finds that his uncle is not fair to him. Along with his girlfriend Chandini (Nabha Natesh), he goes to Goa to hide but the killed politicians men are after him. Chandini is murdered. Months later, the CBI officer Arun (Satya Dev) who is investigating the case is also killed in an attack. Then high ranking officials seek the help of a neuro scientist Sara (Nidhi), who also happens to be the girlfriend of dead officer Arun, to trace the real men behind the politicians attack. She transplants Aruns memories into the mind of Shankar and he becomes iSmart Shankar.

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